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Which Vacuum Cleaner Is Better?

Mar 11, 2015

With the development of technology, various kinds of commodities are appeared gradually in the intensely competitive market. This is the most competitive market in the world, because every single competitor wants to succeed in China. Especially recent years the various commodities of “Made in China” is unceasingly expanding. The modem society is the times of competition and opportunity. The competition for creative talents is a main characteristic. Some vacuum cleaner features improve performance or take some of the drudgery out of cleaning. But don't be dazzled by gadgets. Here are the vacuum features to consider.

Add-on cleaning tools

Think twice about splurging on extra cleaning tools. Most vacuums come with a narrow tool for crevices, a small upholstery brush, and a round brush for dusting. On canister vacuums, a power nozzle cleans carpets more thoroughly than a simple suction nozzle. These basic tools should suffice for most cleaning jobs. Others may include: tools that combine features of two tools, such as upholstery tools and dusting brushes; bare-floor tools and wall brushes to clean hard surfaces; and wands and stretch hoses to extend the reach of attachments.

Attachment reach

This is the manufacturer's estimate of the combined length of the suction hose and all the hose-extension attachments provided with the machine.

Bags vs. bagless

Some upright vacuums and canisters use bags, some collect dirt in a bin. Bag-type vacuums tend to hold more dirt, and emptying them releases less dust into the air. An indicator that tells you when the bag or bin is full reminds you to empty the dirt before it impairs cleaning. With bagless vacuums you can save money by not having to buy bags, but they still use filters (such as HEPA filters) that need to be periodically cleaned or replaced. Replacement filters tend to be significantly more expensive than bags. Another caveat: Emptying the dustbin and cleaning a filter can be messy, and handling it can expose you to dust and other allergens.