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What are the advantages of industrial vacuum cleaner is

Aug 27, 2014

Industrial vacuum cleaners are widely used in the collection of industrial production, packaging, all kinds of waste generated during transportation (eg: oil, water, alcohol, dust, metal shavings, fibers, foams, plastics material, etc.) that can beautify our environment , reducing the body's intake of harmful dust effectively protect our health. Of course, the use of industrial vacuum cleaners not only absorb industrial wastes, when it is widely used in industrial packaging packaging bag of air pumped, commonly known as the "vacuum." 

Industrial vacuum cleaners into pneumatic industrial vacuum cleaners and electric industrial vacuum cleaner. Pneumatic industrial vacuum cleaner powered by compressed air, no moving parts, can work for a long time, no overheating phenomenon, there is a certain proof, anti-static function, commonly used in special industrial environments, such as textile mills, chemical plants, pharmaceutical plants, coating plant, factory. Electric industrial vacuum cleaner is the most widely used applications, according to the survey 90 percent of domestic buyers of industrial vacuum cleaners are electric industrial vacuum cleaner of choice. Industrial vacuum cleaner electric power industry is divided into single-phase and three-phase industrial vacuum cleaners, buyers buy when you can according to their actual situation to choose.