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Wet and Dry Robot Vacuum Cleaner Updated with Newest Smartphone WiFi APP as The Remote Control, Auto Recharged, Schedule

Oct 06, 2016

Smartphone Wifi control Robot Vacuum Cleaner Updated with Water tank Which can do Sweep,Vacuum,Wet and Dry Mop in the same time.

Why choose our Robot? Just Read it  

NEWEST Smartphone WIFI APP Control :which is more smarter and Easier for the operation. 

Anytime/anywhere vacuuming:  When Robot Connected is paired with a home Wi-Fi network and  App, users can remotely set up a regular vacuuming schedule, start a full house or spot clean, stop or pause the robot and get instant notifications about the status of the vacuuming run.

Comparing with other models in the market:
1.Water tank: Robot can do sweeping, vacuum, sterilize, wet mop and dry mop at the same time.
2.Super strong suction:Soy, rice can easily be adsorbed. You can see from the video.
3.Ultrasonic Sensor:  make more sensitive than traditional infrared sensor model.
4.Updated Version with Turning Mop Part: Make the Cleaning&Moping area is bigger than  traditional fixed mop.
5.Update Material of the Rolling Brush: Fiber and Aluminum alloy steel material 
6.New Design Suction Mouth :  Automatically adjust the suction height according the different environment etc...
7.Five Cleaning Pattern for Choosing ,  The Cleaning effect is better than other model.