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Water Filtration Home Vacuum Cleaner with Power of 700W and 20L Water Capacity

Jul 19, 2016

Key Specifications/Special Features:

  • Power: 500W

  • Water capacity: 0.5L

  • Suction efficiency: 26.8%

  • Maximum vacuum: 32 in H2O

  • Air flow: 120 OCFM

  • Water filter minimum capacity: 0.5L

  • No bags, no dirty air exhaust, the cyclonic spinning action ofordinary tap water traps dirt without blocking air flow

  • Requires only six cups of water to filter and trap dirt withcyclonic action

  • Simply empty the canister into the toilet

  • Filter: cyclone dust collection, water filtration, HEPA filter,and washable filter

  • HEPA filter: retains 99.9% of all impurities, includingpollens, and dust mites

  • Traps over 99.99% of dirt

  • Dust allergens and pollutants such us: mold spores, bacteriastaphylococcus, dust mite dropping, pet dander, fungal spores, andpollen

  • Sucks up dry or wet dirt of any quantity and can even suctionup liquids conveniently

  • Easier and affordable way to thoroughly deep clean your entirehome and air at the same time

  • Carbon and HEPA filter, sucks up wet, dry and liquid dirt

  • Blow function