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Vacuums And Floor Care

May 11, 2015

Whether you need to lift dirt from your carpet, get leaves out of your swimming pool or clean your car, there's a vacuum that will do it.

The two most common vacuum types for residential use are upright vacuums and canister vacuums. Upright vacuums provide the most suction on carpets and have higher debris storage capacity than canister vacuums, and you'll find specialized designs for pet hair, light cleaning and deep cleaning. But canister vacuums can be easier to maneuver than upright vacuums, especially on stairs, and they often have a variety of attachments designed to clean crevices, upholstered furniture and various other hard-to-reach areas. Another option for home use is a robotic vacuum, which operates on its own and can be programmed to run at specific times of day. Robotic vacuums are very convenient, but they're not the best choice for heavy-duty jobs.

Many other types of vacuums and floor cleaners are suitable to particular tasks. Steam vacuums, or carpet washers, use hot water, detergent and heat to remove stains and embedded grime from carpets. Wet-dry shop vacuums, or shop vacuums, are designed to clean both wet and dry debris from workshop floors. Automatic pool vacuums are made for use in and around swimming pools. Handheld vacuum cleaners are good for small spills and car carpeting.

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