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Vacuum Cleaners & Floor Care From Amazon -- III

Apr 17, 2015

Amazon carries attachments, brushes, bags, belts, covers, filters, fittings, hoses, batteries, lamp bulbs, and pads for all commonly used vacuum cleaners. Homes have a variety of surfaces to clean, and these days, consumers are used to having a single machine capable of performing multiple tasks.

New vacuums are more powerful and easier to use than ever before. You can find popular brands like DysonHoover, and Eureka--brands that are making innovative new vacuums with handy features like retractable cordsbagless canisters, and integrated extension tools to target hard to reach places. Most newervacuums are just as effective on hardwood floors as they are on carpets, and some even have integrated wet carpet cleaning, so you can do the work of two machines with a single vacuum.

For quick cleanups, reach for a handheld vacuumCordless and rechargeable models are perfect for spot cleaning accidental messes, or nimbly getting around cluttered areas like desks and workbenches. Powerful lithium ion batteries maintain powerful suction for longer than older designs, so you won’t have to worry about running out of juice in the middle of cleaning up. Some handhelds can be mounted to an extension handle, so you can use them like lightweight upright vacuums for larger messes.

Our vacuums are no exception. We have all the popular attachments, including crevice tools, power nozzles, upholstery attachments, roller brushes, and parts for central vacuum systems. We carry an enormous selection of bags and filters for canisterupright, and handheld vacuums. Allergy sufferers will want to check out our selection of HEPA bags and filters.

Don’t let dirty floors and other surfaces bog you down. Amazon’s vacuums and floor care department has you covered.