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Vacuum Cleaners & Floor Care From Amazon -- II

Apr 17, 2015

There are a number of vacuum models specifically designed for pet owners. Hair and dander can be notoriously difficult to extract from carpet and upholstery, so many vacuum manufacturers have developed deep cleaning brushes and attachments to gather up everything your pet leaves behind. Some models are equipped with HEPA filters, so you can be sure all the dust you’re collecting stays in the bag or canister, and doesn’t end up recirculating.

Upright vacuums are usually best for cleaning carpets, but some have a bare-floor setting, making them useful on hardwoods, vinyl, tile, and other surfaces. Popular features on upright vacuums are brush agitators and carpet-height adjustments. Roller brushes spin and dislodge dirt from the carpet so the suction can pick it up more easily, while carpet-height adjustment allows for thorough cleaning in homes with different floor coverings and area rugs.

Canister vacuums are great performers on bare floors, drapes, upholstery, and under furniture. Canister vacuums also tend to be easier to handle on stairs, since only the hose and power head are usually needed to maneuver over stair surfaces. We have a great selection of robotic vacuums for bare floors and for carpets. For quick, light cleaninghandheld vacuums are ideal. They’re great for spills, removing pet hair from seating, or a quick once-over on the stairs. Models are available with or without a power cord, as well as bagged or bagless.

Whatever your vacuum cleaner type, it’s very important to keep it in top working order.