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Updated Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Aug 10, 2016

It's our newest and high-end robot vacuum cleaner that can work better than former robot vacuum cleaners and had many more advanced features as below: 

Main attractive features of robot vacuum cleaner:
1. Amazing short charging time (2.5hours)and long working time(90minutes)
2. Equipped with dual main helical brush enable an excellent cleaning efficiency to fine dust, powder and pollen
3. Diploid disinfection by UV lamp and Ozonizer.

* Automatically cleans your floor without any hand labor while you enjoy life.
* Automatically search charging base for self-recharging when the power is short.
* Automatically start working after full-charged or at scheduled time.
* Combined UV lamp and Ozonizer kill most bacteria and viruses on the floors.
* Original dual main helical brush provide better cleaning efficiency but lower noise

* Amazing short charging time(2.5 hours) and long working time (80 minutes)
* Improved side brush and wall sensors enable cleaner to clean edge and corner more efficiently.
* Robot cleaner will escape automatically by itself when it 's stuck by the furniture bottom or something else
* Extra-big capacity two separate bins (0.8L) with washable filter collect fine dust and big debris respectively.

* Non-collision Bumper protect your furniture and wall surface.
* Remote Controller lets you guide the cleaner in any direction to clean specific areas.
* Stair Avoidance Detector assure the unit won't drop from the stairs.
* Virtual Wall Detector make sure the cleaner work at the confirmed area which you want to clean.

* The walking speed can be adjusted as you like.
* PU soft rubber tread on the wheels protects the floor surface better.
* Self-adjusting cleaning head automatically traverses uneven floor transitions as it cleans carpet,
Hardwood, linoleum, and tile.
Available Color: Black, Red, Blue, Silver, Yellow