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Three Phases Industrial Vacuum Cleaner, Filter Dust Extractor, Vacuum Cleaner

Oct 11, 2016
Compact industrial vacuum cleaner VT series

Application fields

1.  Suitable for narrower space of work area

2.  Applicable for the metal cutting, grinding, polishing, laser marking, powder filling, etc .

3.  Dust absorption on pharmaceutical industry, food industry,electronics, fine chemical industry and other places


Fashion and portable

The equipment is compact , which is easy to operate and with low noise level

Real-time monitoring

The equipment equipped with vacuum pressure gauge can monitor the pressure, and remind the operator to clean dusts timely.

Beautiful and durable

The collection barrel uses 304 stainless steel ,and it can free replacement within five years for non-artificial damages. The fan adopts the international advanced elaborate casting aluminum alloy turbine vacuum pump technology which has CE and 3C certifications.

High filtering efficiency

Adopting high efficient filter cartridge with a large filtration area, the filter with PTFE layer technology has a high level of filtering efficiency (0.3-0.5 micron) dust and the filtration degree above 99%


Three phases Industrial vacuum cleaner,Filter Dust Extractor,vacuum cleaner VT series
Technical Parameter 

C:We can choose as per your Industry(Industrial Solutions)

Kindly let me know your application,We will choose the appropriate type vacuum cleaner for you

We have all type industrial vacuum cleaner,100% can fit for your industry,will give suggestion to you as per yourequirements.