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The Working Principle Of Vacuum Cleaners B

Jan 26, 2015

    People always make investigation of the vacuum cleaners on its style, function, parameters, components, prices and so on, but people often forget to research its principle as a base of play the full role on cleaning. Here and now we would like to get a start from the base principle of a vacuum cleaner.

The vacuum cleaner consist of three parts which are the dusting , vacuuming, dust filtering, generally including series commutator motor, centrifugal fan, dust filter (bag) and dust collection in the attachment. General vacuum cleaner work of rate is more than 400 – 1000W, while the portable vacuum cleaner power is less than 250W.

While some vacuum cleaner ‘s conductor adopted protective tube with 10 ammonium. Especially some touch spot was silver plating which has sound electro conductivity performance and rapid heat dissipation. While the motor equipped with thermistor sensor that all can serve both user and machine with uttermost safety control.

  The vacuum cleaner rotated by hi-speed driven the blower wheel, maken the air discharge at a high speed, and continually added the air into the front part aspiration of fan, that instantaneous came to being vacuum inside of the vacuum cleaner, then formed into negative pressure gap in touch with the outside atmosphere pressure. Under the action of this pressure gap, inhaled air containing with dust, and discharged the clean air after filtering by the filtrator. The greater the negative pressure gap, the greater the suction volume of the vacuum cleaner.

  The vacuum cleaner is one of the greatest household aids ever invented. It’s right up there with sliced bread and the flushable toilet. Its speed and efficiency allows more time for leisure and less for cleaning. It’s obvious that the vacuum has an important and impressive pedigree. This reducer of pollutants, eliminator of germs, and status symbol shouldn’t be hiding in the closet, but should be proudly displayed in a place of honor in our homes!