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The Working Principle Of Vacuum Cleaners A

Jan 23, 2015

When it comes to discuss the principle of vacuum cleaner, most of people would like to date from its birth and its derivation process. There are some funny and amazing stories which will show us how miraculous it is about the various vacuum cleaners!

The birth of the vacuum cleaner is due to a number of advancements in science and technology brought about by the Industrial Revolution. By the mid 1800s factories were producing tens of thousands of manufactured items along with tons of pollution. Dirt and soot were everywhere. About that time scientist Louis Pasteur made several significant discoveries which led him to theorize that infectious diseases were caused by microorganisms or “germs.” Thus the development of the germ theory and the reaction against industrial pollution caused people to focus for the first time on hygiene and cleanliness. 

The first vacuum cleaners had to be operated manually. Two persons were needed for sume machines were to large, one to operate the bellows and the other to move the mouthpiece over the floor. The dust was blown into the air. Prior to the introduction of "electric suction cleaners", most housewives used brooms and dust pans. Many of the mid-Victorian homes had large and small rugs and carpets on the floors of principal rooms. In order to remove dirt, dust and animal dander from the nap of these floor coverings, the rugs and carpets were removed from the home and beaten with a device similar to an oversized fly swatter called a rug beater. 

The next technological leap in cleaning came in 1901, two Americans introduced variations on the same theme. Corinne Dufour invented a device that sucked dust into a wet sponge. David E. Kenney’s huge machine was installed in the cellar and connected to a network of pipes leading to each room in the house. A corps of cleaners moved the machine from house to house.

Once when we grasp the origination of vacuum cleaners step by step, we can know more about its charming usages of different vacuum cleaners as well as make our life being simple free. Nevertheless, there are more magical principal of vacuum cleaner that will share to you in next message.—To be continued.