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The Noted For Vacuum Cleaner Used

Sep 02, 2015

1. During using the vacuum cleaner, please gently to avoid crashing. After cleaning, you should be promptly wash the debris, dust bag and accessories. Also need to check if there is perforation or leak, then use warm water with cleaning agent completely clean the dust bag and filter and dried, please should not use a wet dust bag.

2. The hose do not fold frequently and over-stretch and turns. Usually vacuum cleaner should be keep in dry place.

3. Do not use the vacuum cleaner to cleaning the special debris like gasoline, cigarette butts with fire and broken glass, needles, pins.

4. Using a vacuum cleaner to cleaning the carpet, once found foreign object blocking, should be immediately shutdown and check, cleaning the debris then can continue work. Please pay an attention on the fastened within hose, nozzle and adapter, especially the small crevice tool, floor brush and so on.

5. If long-term use, every half an hour need to be stopped. Usually continue work can not over 2 hours. Otherwise continuous working will result in the host heating, and affect the motor. If you smelled burning smell, please stop using and send to repair.