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The Newest Shopping Tips For Vacuum Cleaner

Sep 25, 2015

With the infiltration of technology elements, more and more families choose to use a vacuum cleaner to clean indoor environment. And when choosing a vacuum cleaner, we always find variety kinds of household cleaners, how can we choose the best suitable items? How to verify a home vacuum cleaner is good or bad? Now we will list some tips to help buying useful vacuum cleaner.

1. With strong suction. Suction unit is reflected by the degree of vacuum, and usually expressed pa (Pa). Household cleaner, it is better for the suction is 27Kpa. Too low suction is not enough and too high is waste. Upright cleaner suction generally reach to 16Kpa. When go shopping to buy a vacuum cleaner, there is to do on-site water column vacuum suction Bowling presentations more intuitive.

2. To prevent secondary pollution. Focus on the filter, should be washable by water, and fit for the nozzle.

3. About the accessories. Various kind of accessories will suit for different occasion, for handheld items should with crevice, brush and soft pipe; for home vacuum cleaner should with floor brush.

4. Vacuum cleaner fuselage must with be durable materials. The best materials for vacuum cleaner is stainless steel, but the price is high. Also you can choose ABS, this kind of materials will be non-aging and wear.

5. Focus on the noise of portable vacuum cleaner. Correct noise reduction method is testing the motor, can not affect the suction and reduce the noise. The national standard of noise is 82 decibels, under the premise of not using the wrong method of noise reduction, lower than the national standard is better.