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The 2016 Most Convenient and High-End New Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Virtual Wall Mamibot Exvac

As one of the most intelligent robotic vacuum cleaners, Mamibot ExVac is unique on design and function, however pretty affordable on price. It works on various surfaces including tiles, carpets, wooden floors, etc

1.More logical cleaning route, save your labor and time
Thanks to the advanced guiding system powered by high-end gyroscopes, sensors and transducers. Mamibot ExVac starts from "exploring" the room along walls, and turns its journey under "Z" mode, cleans all rooms one-by-one. No worry it may walk in all directioins randomly, which wastes time and power by repeated cleaning, and probably left some areas uncleaned..

2.Slim and portabel body, cleans more underneath places

Only 3.3 in high (8.4cm), thinner than most robot vacuum cleaners, don't even bother to worry that it can't get underneath your couches, beds, and other furniture. 
3.LED Screen to display the status
With LED screen to display time, working status, error codes, battery status, and set up working schedule

4.Big dust box with higher capacity
Though it is slim, it has a big mouth of 750ml capacity. This time we don't need to clean the dust box again and again. With the help of high quality Hepa filter, the exhausted air would be cleaner.

5.Scheduling system
You can set up cleaning schedules from Monday to Sunday by simply configuring the remote control. It runs as you wish and recharges whenever power is low.

6.More stylish, better cleaning efficency
It's not circular, not square, it is a square robot with circular angles. It cleans corners that round robots can't go, however, not to be stunk by complicated circumstances.

7.Strong rubber driving wheels for big slopes
Don't worry if you have thick carpets or small slopes,it can climp up to 2cm high as long as the carpet hair is not too long.

8.Unltrasound anti-collision
Use ultrasound to detect distance,avoid obstacle to protect furniture.

9.Virtual wall
It can clean within the range as you setting and not entre the area that dose not need to be cleaned through the magnetic boundary

Automatically recharges itself and resumes until the job is done.