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Robotic vacuum cleaner with dry sweep, wet mop, CCC/CE certified, LED screen

Jul 15, 2016

Key Specifications/Special Features:

  • Creative designing cover: just provide the clear photo,you can make the cover with the photo you provide, as like:regards word, photo of your lover or family, sight you like, color you like 

  • Automatic cleaning:

    • It automatically cleans your floor without any hand labor while you enjoy life

  • Suitable for various types of floors including carpet, wood, tile and marble

  • Anti-falling and non-colliding:

    • Ultrasonic detection sensors and four pairs of cliff sensors allow the robot to sense barriers and stairs and adjust its route timely, 6 drop sensors to keep unit from falling off, 2 option clean method

    • Non-collided and soft-texture, therefore, the robot can better protect your wall and furniture

  • Automatic routes selection:

    • Robot can automatically select various cleaning routes, such as straight line, fold line, around pillar, wall following, U shape, spiral

  • Anti-winding main brushes:

    • Latest design of main brush can prevent the machine from being winded by wire and hair

  • Automatic recharge:

    • Robot will search the station and charge automatically when the power is low

  • With UV lamp:

    • UV lamp to kill the bacteria on the floor

  • Suction force:

    • 1200Pa super suction force (similar products 500Pa)

  • Navigation function:

    • Choose the pattern among the five cleaning patterns according the situation automatically and clean each tiny corner thoroughly

  • Sonic wall (battery rechargeable):

    • If you need clean one room/a certain area only, you can open the sonic wall, the cleaner will never go out the room/area

  • Scheduling function:

    • Charging station can be set to clean at a certain time any day or days each week

  • No secondary pollution:

    • Double filter design, the primary and HEPA, can effectively avoid secondary air pollution

  • Low noise:

    • Operating noise is less than 45dB

    • Quieter and does not break your children or cat out

  • Easy cleaning design:

    • Reasonable modular bottom design facilitates users to detach brushes, dust bin and other parts by hands more easily

  • RF wireless remote control:

    • Wireless remote control can be operated much more easily and conveniently than IR remote control

  • Ultrathin fuselage (H:8.0cm):

    • Can drill down to the bottom of bed and sofa to clean