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Robot Vacuum Window Cleaner for Home Use

Aug 12, 2016

LORD robot cleaner is a brand new robotic window cleaner made by our intelligent team mumbers,it is charged by battery and  equiped with the most durable battery with ABS material.Its Vacuum system surpasses other commom cleaners and enhances the effect and efficiency of window cleaning.

LORD robot cleaner is specially designed for thick glass (3-60mm or more). Because of its single-side design, it can clean any thickness window, double-glass window, show window, store window, and so on. ELFIN008 has a vacuum motor inside that can suck air and stand on the glass surface. An embedded UPS (Un-interrupted Power System) can prevent the robot falling from the window even while no electric power supplied. This model has two special-designed cleaning wheels that can freely traverse on the window surface and even on the wall. The easy replaceable micro-fiber cloth is used on both of the cleaning wheels. Micro-fiber based cloth is used for good glass cleaning. The auto mode can guarantee the robot clean the entire window surface by using edge detection algorithm with the proprietary computer assisted route planning logic. The robot can operate in either AUTO or Manual Mode according to the instructions from the remote control.
It won't be any problem for 18 degree angle cleaning. Concerning traversing between solat panels, it depends on the height of the frame edges and the gap between panels. Basically, as soon as it hits the frame edge, it may change direction. However, if the frame edge height is so low or the gap between panels is so small until no suction pressure loss to robot cleaner then it will traverse to other panels.
You can wash all washable smooth surface. Including horizontal and angled window. We tested the robot on the ceiling, and it also worked fine. But you should keep in mind that cleaning the ceiling does not provide instruction manual.
Note that if the surface relief, the force of gravity of the robot is reduced.
You most likely will need to change the cleaning cloth pads over time, however they are washable and reusable. There are 2 extra ones that are included in the original box. You do not need to use cleaning fluid, but if you would like, you can.