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Recommended for mills with industrial vacuum cleaner

Aug 27, 2014

Our textile industry is an important economic industry, spinning, dyeing, textile fabrics, dyeing every process will generate a lot of fine cotton wadding, lint, causing environmental pollution, and therefore the textile industry is considered key polluting industries, while workers in order to reduce pollution and beautify the use of the production environment, industrial vacuum cleaners and other environmental protection equipment is necessary. According to the textile industry, machinery and equipment, small dust particles, the device requires 24 hours of continuous operation and so recommend a suitable industrial vacuum cleaners used in the textile industry AX80S 

Mills with industrial vacuum cleaner AX80S Product Features: 

1) No moving parts, no overheating, sustainable long working hours, without much care equipment. 

2) large capacity dust bucket can suck a lot of solid particles, dust, liquids, oil, etc. 

3) low noise, strong suction. You can use the equipment for production lines or production. Rugged stainless steel barrel and metal frames have a better impact resistance and durability in industrial use. 

4) front-wheel PU wheel, rear rubber wheels, casters, durable, push mute when the machine is good, can be applied to the harsh environment of heavy industry sites. 

5) apply to textiles, electronics, pharmaceuticals, machinery manufacturing, metal processing, food processing, shipyards, metallurgical and other industries 

6) with a high efficiency filter paper dust bags plus, ultra-fine dust can filter up to 99.99% 0.3um