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Rechargeable with Touch Screen Wet and Dry Robot Vacuum Cleaner for Home Cleaning Appliances

Oct 01, 2016

Smart front anti-collision system (10 sets of sensors beneath the bumper).

Anti-drop; Intelligent dust detection
Four types of cleaning mode: Auto cleaning; Edge cleaning; Spot cleaning; S shape, random cleaning.
Intelligent scheduling: Intelligent Voice Demonstration.
With swirl main brush & double side brushes.
Multi-functional remote control.
Auto recharge. Applicable on diffrent types of floor.
Ultlra-thin body 8.5mm. Virtual wall
Water tank + big mop function. (Optional) Double layer filter (HEPA & Primary filter).

1. LCD display with one key clean function
2. Suitable for various types of floors including carpet, wood, tile and linoleum.
3. Anti-falling and Non-collidion
Ten pairs of wall sensors and five pairs of cliff sensors allow the robot to sense barriers and stairs and adjust its route timely. Therefore, the robot can better protect your wall and furniture.
4. Automatic routes selection
The robot can automatically select various cleaning routes, such as straight line, fold line, around pillar, wall following, U shape, spiral.
5. Anti-winding Main Brushes
The latest design of main brush can prevent the machine from being winded by wire and hair.
6. Automatic Recharge
The robot will search the station and charge automatically when the power is low.
7. Scheduling function
Robot will start to work at the designated time per every day, per weekdays and weekends, or per different time every day.
8. Magnetic tape serve as Virtual Wall
The user can limit the clean range of the robot through the magnetic tape.
9. Removable flter for easy cleaning
Double filter design, the primary and HEPA, removable for easy cleaning .
10. Low Noise
The operating noise is less than 55db. It is quieter and does not freak your children or cat out.
11. Easy Cleaning Design
The reasonable modular bottom design facilitates users to detach brushes, dust bin and other parts by hands more easily.
12. Wireless Remote Control
The wireless remote control can be operated much more easily and conveniently than IR remote control.

Cleaning Modes
S shape cleaning: robot could judge the environment and cleaning in a S shape way, it's cleaning effect is obvious and outstanding.
Auto Cleaning: cleans room automatically and adjusts its cleaning mode according to the enviroments
Spot Cleaning: robot will activate spot cleaning when it detects a dirtier area
Edge Cleaning: when robot detects obstacles (such as walls) it will start to clean the obstacles by its two side brushes
Scheduled Cleaning: the robot will leave the home base and start to work in the scheduled time
Please note: Place charging station against the wall and remove obstacles about 1 meter at two sides and about 2 meters front of the station before charging.