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Portable UV Light for Sterilization Vacuum Robot

Aug 13, 2016

Household cleaner helps you clean your floor without any hand labor while you enjoy life! This model has 4 cleaning functions including Sweep, Vacuum, Dry Mopping and Sterilize, it can easily handle various surfaces including hardwood, tile, linoleum and low-pile carpets. The operating noise is no more than 50 dB, which is significantly lower than the traditional cleaners. With its sensors, the cleaning robot can free itself when it is got stuck by the bottoms of the furniture and by other articles. When low on battery power, that will automatically return to home charging base to recharge itself. Virtual Wall Detector makes sure the cleaner work at the designated area where you want. Plus, with on-board scheduling, which can be scheduled to perform up to seven cleaning sessions per week, even when you're not home. 

1. Special Features: Three-section brush with double head patent technology, triangle side brush design, easily clean the room, including corner, table leg, chair leg, sofa and other furnitures;
2. Intelligent Detection: Induct the dirtier area, strengthen cleaning back and forth;
3. Preset Working Time: Can directly set working time, once per day, will working everyday, convenient and practical;
4. Ultra-thin Design: Only 8.7 cm high, can easily move under table, chair, sofa, bed and other furnitures;
5. Ati-fall Function: Automatically detects dangling function, no worry about fall down;
6. Automatic Recharge Feature: In case of power shortage while working, the cleaner will find the charger automatically without manual operation;
7. Malfunction Prompt: Error code will given when malfunction happens, help to deal with malfunction problem;
8. Long Working Time: The robot cleaner can keep working for above 90 minutes when in full power;
9. Low-carbon and Energy-saving: Intellisense cleanliness, will stop working if have not sweep any dust in 7 minutes;
10. Short charging time: Only takes 3 hours for quick charging
11. Automatic Virtual Wall: Can restrict the cleaning area, vacuum cleaner will not enter the area that is forbidden;
12. Strong Barrier Function: Can easily climb up the carpets, floor of 2cm high to clean;
13. Powerful Cleaning Ability: Hair, melon seeds, walnut shell can easily be sucked;
14. Multi-model cleaning: Spiral, random, along the wall, focus on cleaning, ensure that the cleaning coverage rate up to 98%;
15. Anti-winding Function: When stuck by wires, carpet or fringe line, will automatically revolving away;
16. Buffer Detection Induction: Can automatically detect and avoid stair and obstacles;
17. Healthy and Environmental: UV sterilization, HEPA fliter, prevent secondary pollution, make your house healthy and clean;
18. Humanized design: Exquisitely made, durable, panel can be replaced, be closed to life.