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Popular Vacuum Cleaner from China supplier

Jun 30, 2016

Product DescriptionFollowings are the characters of the Model:
1. This is Cordless Vacuum cleaner.
2. It includes Dry function, Wet & Dry function.

3. The rubbish and dust will be departed into two different bins. This is the bright character of this model, for it not only has Sweep function, but Vacuum as well, so it is well known as Vacuum & Sweep. During the operation, the sweep function will suck heavy pieces into the Dust bin(such as: Nails, screws, glass pieces, paper pieces and so on), but the dust will be sucked into Filter Bin.

We can operate the two functions together, we also can operate one function by one function. If we can not reach the places we want to clean, don't worry, just remove the Handheld Unit from SV-1 and insert the Extention Wands or Triangle Brush, you also can use this to clean your your car and I am sure you will enjoy you cleaning. Both of the bins are very easy to clean. All these inventions have been protected by Patent, other companies cannot copy our model. And we also have got CE&RoHS about these models.

4. This model has a very beautiful appearance and is easy to operate.