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Optional coating plant dust cleaner

Aug 27, 2014

Coating plant dust cleanup is a lot of customers headaches, precision fine dust particles coating plant, dust quantity, using ordinary vacuum cleaner to clean up easily cause secondary pollution, clogging of the filter, motor short circuit, burning and other phenomena. 

   When painting vacuumed dust secondary pollution as follows: vacuum cleaner exhaust at risk "smoke", many customers think that is a normal phenomenon, in fact, this so-called "smoke" is that some filters can not filter very fine dust. After inhalation of dust when a vacuum cleaner can not be completely filtered, and discharged into the air. 

   Vacuum cleaner filter clogging performance: a lot of dust attached to the vacuum cleaner filters, resulting vacuum cleaner motor can not be normal, resulting in severe dust slowed unable to absorb dust, motor damage. 

   Our recommendation for the above issue a paint factory pneumatic industrial vacuum cleaners AX60S, the machine uses compressed air as power, no motor burned happen. High filtration precision 0.3um, good for fine dust filtration, when used in paint factory, you can choose vortex separation barrel configuration. The tiny painting industrial vacuum cleaner dust inhalation barrel, a lot of dust passes through the vortex separation barrel, dust will remain in the barrel, thereby greatly reducing the exposure to dust and filters to avoid the machine is easy to blockage.