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Mystery iron absorption cleaner high life

Aug 27, 2014

Iron is a common metal shavings conductive, industrial production, many people use a vacuum cleaner iron from the iron surface of the product, mechanical surfaces, mechanical gap, shop floor and other suction using a vacuum cleaner sucked iron would be a very a good way, but many people buy iron absorption due to wrong use of a vacuum cleaner often easy to burn cleaner motor. 

Commercial vacuum cleaner iron easily damaged reasons 

Iron absorption vacuum cleaner motor why it is easy to burn out? Upon inquiry, the vast majority of buying a vacuum cleaner for iron absorption friends because of a lack of understanding of the iron cleaner, combined with being in front of the "cheap" misled by purchasing commercial cleaner for iron absorption. Commercial vacuum cleaners are generally used for daily cleaning to clean hotels, supermarkets, office plants have other places, the vacuum cleaner power although to achieve the requirements of iron cleaner motor quality reasons but limited filtering accuracy indeed far less than the suction vacuum cleaner iron requirements. Once inhaled tiny vacuum cleaner iron iron is very easy to pass through the dust compartment attached to the motor, causing the motor short circuit and burn. 

How to buy a vacuum cleaner iron 

Dedicated suction vacuum cleaner for vacuum cleaner iron filtration precision, vacuum cleaner motors, vacuum cleaner power requirements are relatively high. Iron vacuum cleaner high filtration precision on the premise that there must be a good thermal performance motor, GS3080 is a special vacuum cleaner sucked iron motor cooling performance it uses imported good, strong suction, high life, filter dust filtering accuracy of 0.3um 99.99%, is made of high-power industrial vacuum cleaner iron highest rating in consumer vacuum cleaner, iron absorption machine for vacuum cleaner motor life of up to three years will not be damaged.