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Mushroom Handheld Suck Desk Keyboard Vacuum Dust Portable Mini Cleaner

Aug 25, 2016
This Mushroom Cleaner is Handheld Suck type machine, Desk Keyboard Vacuum Dust Portable Mini Cleaner

Having too many crumbs on your desk from the late afternoon snack? Our Mushroom Desk Mini Cleaner will surely help you! Resembling mushrooms from our most favorite and classic Nintendo game. It will remove dust, cigarette ashes and even lint from your clothes. Use it on home appliances, computer keyboards or furniture.
1. Colorful mushroom design, perfect decoration for home or car when not in used
2. Removes dust, ashes and residues on your desk, seat, laptop, keyboard and other furniture
3. Removes hair or dust on your garment
4. Helps cleaning your car too
5. Battery operated, use anywhere
6. Ideal to use at home, office, dorm or car
7. Perfect gift for Super Mario Bros lovers

Reliable safe quality assurance.
Powerful supply by battery 2xAA(excluded).
Only one switch, push it for working
Brush on the bottom to clean the accumulating dust easily and conveniently.
Good helper to release you from onerous housework.
Best sales promotion gifts.
a. Remove the dirt caused by eraser,
b. Remove the cigarette ash or dust on the office table,
c. Remove the hair or dust on the garment ,
d. Remove the dust on the surface of home appliance, computer keyboard or furniture,
e. Clean the cushion or interior of cars.

a. It can not be cleaned in water, or the electric will be broken.
b. It can not be cleaned with gasoline or detergent.
c. It can not be used to clean sharp filings of iron, glass, wood etc.
d. When it is working, do not open the bottom cover.
e. It needs to change battery when the suction becomes weak.