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Milling characteristics with industrial vacuum cleaner

Aug 27, 2014

   Industrial vacuum cleaners very broad range of applications, applicable to all industries. Here to talk about industrial vacuum cleaners used in the milling process. 

Milling machine is a precision metal parts processing methods, applicable to a variety of materials processing, such as: all kinds of stainless steel processing, copper, steel, aluminum alloy, zinc alloy, titanium, copper, iron, acrylic, Teflon, POM rods and other metal and plastic raw materials. Milling machine will generate a lot of fine dust, the dust is easily attached to the product, or milling, so industrial vacuum cleaners for use in milling machine is inevitable. 

   Industrial vacuum cleaners can be used milling machine fine dust sucked, but must pay attention to when buying a vacuum cleaner, milling with industrial vacuum cleaner cleaners contain HELP should choose a filter, vacuum cleaner dust bag filter paper must be added, so as to ensure the filtered air to meet emission standards. You can choose a variety of standard vacuum cleaner suction head tip when used according to place. Under normal circumstances, recommend the use of industrial vacuum cleaner 2000W ~ 3000W on it, but according to the specific use of the environment and the budget may be.