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How To Cleaning The Portable Vacuum Cleaner After Using

Oct 06, 2015

In our daily life, more and more people will clean cars by themselves, and the best tool is portable car vacuum cleaner. More convenient and easy to use, will give you a comfortable environment. But after using, do you know how to clean the tool? Now we will give you some advises, hope it is useful to you.

1. During using the car dust catcher, long time work will affect the motor life; it is better that don’t let the cleaner in long time working. Usually, within one hour working time is best. If exceeded one hour, you should pay attention to the vacuum cleaner, whether there is a burning smell or fever and so on, please stop use it and repair the cleaner.

2. After using vacuum cleaner, that air inlet may be clogged. Now we need to carefully check, if any, should be cleaned up as soon as possible. When cleaning vacuum cleaner, we advocate the use of a neutral detergent or water to wipe damp work, avoid using gasoline, containing corrosive of water, and so on. Also note that the host of vacuum cleaner can not be directly into the water to clean, it will cause a short circuit and other issues.

3. After you have finished cleaning your car, should be washed each vacuum cleaner attachment can be removed, in order to avoid excessive dust inside the vacuum cleaner.