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Household Vacuum Cleaners' Maintaining Tips

Feb 11, 2015

Household cleaning cannot be separated from the vacuum cleaners, especially for such house that has carpets or footcloths (even people dragged the carpet out of the room with a large amount of time-consuming). Simultaneously via vacuum cleaners, people can take out the dust and mites or accrues which is difficult to root out or eliminate, that the families’ health can be forcefully guaranteed. --It also can be widely and conveniently used to clean home, office and all blinds. While it was easy and fast to wash and clean but quite difficult to keep it in good condition, and how to keep its optimum functions when do cleaning without do harm to its engine body. In this way, all-right avoided to spoil the ship for a half penny worth of the tar. Supporting the below measures that users can be comfortable and satisfied to deal with the relevant matters.


1. The cleaning of vacuum cleaners’ appearance. The cleaning of vacuum cleaners’ appearance was originally simple and easy, normally it only needs using soft cloth with soap-suds to scrub and swab down the surface, but do not use organic solvent to clean the engine body for the sake of avoiding the outside plastic crack and color fading or paint removing. Certainly, it cannot use hard things as steel wire ball and the like to wash for avoiding do harm to the engine body.

2. It was really a troublesome thing to wash the dust bag. It can be replaced timely with a new one if it were some-kinds disposable. While it needs use lukewarm water to wash if it was the dust bag then can be use after naturally dry in the sun. But you should keep an eye on one point that you should timely check the dust bag whether damaged or wear out, if so, you ‘d better change a new one for the sake of the damaged dust bag do harm to the engine machine.

3. The cleaning of vacuum cleaners’ dust collecting barrel. It will be easier to wash such dustbin, people can use the normal household detergent to wash it. It can be quickly and normally use after naturally dry in the sun, but also do not use some-like hard things to wash or scrub for the sake of breaking or rupturing of the vacuum cleaners’ dust collecting barrel.

4. The cleaning of the vacuum cleaners’ filter. If it was papieren or papierowy, you can use banister brush to wash, and it must be careful to remove the inside dust without overexert for the sake of filter paper sheets going into collapse. As to the filter made of velvet bag or the floss bag, it must wash with cold water, and then naturally dry in the sun. But do not use warm water to wash or dry or warm by the fire. If do so, it will shrink or diminish the slim hole to cause pores blocked as well as influence the suction of vacuum cleaners.


Keep the above tips on mind when you do the cleaning with a vacuum cleaner, which can make your life be more clean, simple and comfortable.