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Household Cleaner And Maintenance Tips

Aug 21, 2015

Household cleaning cannot avoid, especially families with carpet, the vacuum cleaner can be useful to get rid of carpet with difficult to wipe out the dust and mite, energetic to ensure your family's health. However, in order to cleaning simple and fast, the housewives will confuse for maintenance and how to ensure its best function, cleaning can't harm the body, so it runs a risk. Today author will give us some good suggestion, so that we can easily deal with the cleaning.

1. Appearance of cleaning. Originally, the cleaning of vacuum cleaner appearance is simple, usually just use a soft cloth dampened with soapy water to scrub, but do not use an organic solvent cleaning. To avoid the appearance of plastic cracking, fading and perhaps paint, of course, cannot use the hard objects such as wire ball clean and avoid harm to the fuselage.

2. It is difficult to cleaning the dust bag. If it is disposable, timely replace. If it is the woven materials, need warm water to cleaning, after dried then can use. Please noted that, to promptly check the dust bag is not yet damaged, if damaged, repair and replacement in time, in order to avoid the dirt directly into the motor and damage the cleaner.

3. Nozzle of cleaning. This parts of vacuum cleaner is simply to cleaning. Normally use the household cleaning agents to wash, and after dried, can work. But also can not use a hard object scraped, avoiding the nozzle break.

4. Filter cleaning. If it is made of paper, then use a soft brush for cleaning, must be careful to remove the dust, not too much force, avoiding the filter paper break. For the woven filter, use the cold water rather than hot water to washing, and dry in the sun to avoid the clog and affect the suction.