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High Quality Multifunction Robotic Auto Robot Vacuum Cleaner for Home and Office

Jul 30, 2016

Robot Vacuum Cleaner

1.5 In 1Multifunction : Sweeping, vacuuming ,Scraping, Mopping and UV Disinfection Function
2.Big Suction Power: 600Pa can vacuum 1cm particles such as peans, rice,
3.Touchless: Infrared sensor, no touch obstacles
4.Virtual Barrier: Virtual wall stop robot enter special area
5.Auto Recharge : Automatic back to charging station
6.Radio Control: 2.4Ghz radio remote control with 10 meters distance
7.Schedule: Timing working time and build schedule
8.Anti-Falling: Prevent robot from falling off stairs
9.UV Sterilize: UV lamp disinfection remove 96% household bacteria
10.Cleaning Modes: "Z" mode, Random mode, Left/Right Spiral mode, winding mode, Wall-following mode
11.HEPA Air Filter: Protect family environment and make air clean and health
12.Longer Duration: 90-120 minutes working time
13.Ni-MH Battery: Longer lifespan and more safer
14.Mini Design: no higher than 8.7cm
15.Quiet: Less than 55 db