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Common mode filter industrial vacuum cleaners and power-saving tips

Aug 27, 2014

Industrial cleaning equipment industrial vacuum cleaner is the most common type of cleaning equipment, industrial cleaning when vacuuming, water, oil, alcohol, etc., need to use industrial vacuum cleaners, vacuum cleaner filters is the process of running an important part of the vacuum cleaner filter the direct impact on the quality of filtration efficiency and service life of vacuum cleaner, following on from me to tell you about several different filtration vacuum cleaner and practical energy-saving tips! 

Industrial vacuum cleaner filter method: 

1 dust compartment filter: in every industrial vacuum cleaner has a dust, dust and more for every material woven bags, the advantage can be used repeatedly, the disadvantage is filtering accuracy is not high, not cleaning the bathroom, dust compartment under normal circumstances the normal use life of six months. 

2 industrial vacuum cleaner bag: The advantage is clean, clean, high filtration precision to avoid contamination, the disadvantage is generally used once fragile paper would need to be replaced, not cleaning the bathroom. 

3 high efficiency filter: The advantage is clean, clean, high filtration precision, can be wet, can be used repeatedly and long life. 

4.-core type filters: advantages is clean, clean, can be used repeatedly, the disadvantage is the general filtering accuracy 

    Traditional industrial vacuum cleaner using single filter - Dust compartment filter accuracy is not too often, with the continuous improvement of industrial vacuum cleaner business R & D and technology, Cleaning Equipment Co., Ltd. Kunshan January through the filter media transformation and increasing the number of stages, the filter higher accuracy, but also greatly enhance the degree of air purification. January industrial vacuum cleaner brand's GS series double filter (dust compartment + high efficiency filter) Optional add a layer of paper dust bags, draw the powder is very good.