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Cleaning Job Interview

Mar 24, 2015

Cleaners work in a number of capacities and wherever they work, they perform more or less the same duties. They dust and mop, take out the trash and maintain the area which is under their supervision. On a broader spectrum, cleaners are required to wipe down furniture, vacuum carpets and tidy work areas.

Cleaners are skilled people who need to be well organized with an ability to work quickly and efficiently. They need to possess good ethics as they usually work in areas where people’s belongs are found and need to have a positive approach to their work as it is not one of the pleasantest of jobs in the world.

People applying for this job can take benefit from the following examples of cleaning interview questions and answers before appearing in an interview.
There are some questions and answers for your reference:

Q: Please provide us with some details of your employment background.

A: I have worked as a cleaner at Acme Inc. for five years. My job was to clean and maintain several work areas around the office.

Q: What skills do you have that qualify you for this job?

A: Since I have worked as a cleaner for so long, I know what type of chemical is used for different surfaces and furniture and where I should not use any chemicals at all. I am also comfortable with mixing chemicals as I know just how potent each mixture should be so that it isn’t harmful.

Q: Are you technically savvy?

A: If you mean whether I can use cleaning equipment and tools, yes I am!

Q: Why do you want to leave your job?

A: I am looking for a position where I can work on a broader scale and one that provides me more opportunity to move up to a supervisory role.

Q: What can you offer us that will help us make the decision to hire you?

A: I have an excellent work record as you can see from my resume. I have never had any problems or created any in any of my work places and I have received commendation on my focus on delivering service keeping in mind prudent safety measures.