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Ceramics factory industrial vacuum cleaner application

Aug 27, 2014

Ceramics in our lives everywhere, ceramics into daily-use ceramics, industrial ceramics, technical ceramics, etc., a knot of special ceramics have high alumina quality porcelain, porcelain stone magnesium, titanium and magnesium stone porcelain, zircon , stone porcelain, lithium quality porcelain, as well as magnetic porcelain and so on. Ceramics are the following processes in the production process of: ingredients, milling, trite, iron sifting, spray tower milling, molding, drying, baking, milling, polishing and so on. Production process will generate a lot of dust, dust properties as follows: a large amount of dust and fine dust particles, some special material performance, with magnetic, or explosive and so on. So not only will affect the product quality, but also pollute the environment, resulting in the production staff occupational diseases. 

AX80S ceramics factory cleaner to solve the dust problem 

   How to deal with ceramics ceramics production process dust is a problem, some companies use a common electric vacuum cleaner to vacuum, vacuum cleaner chosen this approach would often clogged, the motor burned out problems. This is obviously not a good approach. AX80S pneumatic ceramics factory industrial vacuum cleaner uses compressed air as the source of power, without any electric components when the machine is running, without having to worry about damage to the machine, the machine itself using high efficiency filter bag + paper dust filter, use a ceramic factory when cyclone separation technology can be applied , so a lot of powder isolate and solve congestion problems machine. Ceramics factory industrial vacuum cleaner for a special ceramic dust apply.