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Car Vacuum Cleaners: What To Look For? -- A

Apr 08, 2015

When looking for the best vacuum cleaner for a car, you want a device with powerful suction. Also, the design is crucial because a heavy or awkward car vacuum will make it feel more like a chore and you’ll be less inclined to use it all the time, as you should. Look for a device with the features you need for the types of messes you’re used to, such as wet and dry capabilities and the accessories to reach all of the spaces in your car. The right tools can make vacuuming your car an enjoyable experience and not a dreaded chore. Below are the criteria we used to evaluate these products.

Cleaning Performance

The best vacuum cleaners for your car easily suck up any material lying on your floor mat and seats, or hiding in small cracks. You want a vacuum with plenty of power. The volts from the cord or battery and amps from the motor combine to create enough suction power to suck up every type of dirt and debris, even the stubborn stuff, like pet hair.

Many car detail vacuum cleaners have strong motors that provide the power to pick up all particles in their path. Also, look for car vacuum cleaners that you can clean easily. When you regularly clean your device, it operates better and lasts longer. Having the ability to clean up wet and dry spills will be an important consideration for some people, especially if you have kids.


Look for a car vacuum cleaner with a variety of accessories that will help you clean every nook and cranny of your car. A large hose allows for plenty of airflow through the device, and the variety of nozzles makes it possible to reach all areas of your vehicle's interior. A crevice tool will help you get to the tight spots. A brush tool will allow your vacuum to pick up stubborn debris and deep clean upholstery.

You will want to know if the device runs on a battery or requires a wall outlet. If you go on a lot of road trips or like to camp and you have a corded vacuum, you will want one with an adaptor that plugs into your car’s cigarette lighter. Having the ability to use the vacuum whenever and wherever you need it is a big advantage, especially if you have a mobile lifestyle.