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Car Vacuum Cleaner with Good Quality

Jul 28, 2016

Wet and dry vacuum cleaner

1, the power supply into the car cigarette lighter socket
2, push the switch to the ONto use, push to stop using OFF
3, depending on the use of different occasions to replace the nozzle, 2.5 -meter-long cigarette lighter cable, enough to cover the interior of the vehicle anywhere in the dust;
4, press down detachable front shell, clean the filter before the open shell to prolong life, be sure to clean the filter away from the eyes and ears, use the product is not available for adsorption combustible materials, suction height must not exceed the amount of resistance pipes. ( Before continuing to use, IT must be shut down before opening the hood, pouring liquid then put it back )

1 Place the rubber hose valve directly inserted in the top of the tire valve, when you hear the sound of tires deflated, which means that the air has been in circulation as soon as the valve wrench pressed inward 90 degrees, then the air can no longer escape;
2 Remove the plug connector cigarette lighter;
3 Open the motor to start inflated;
4When inflated, the meter pointer to start with the pressure to rise, reaching a large automobile proper tire pressure indicator ( average car tire pressure is 2.2-2.5KG, watch the innermost circle reading ), remove the plug and the gas nozzle.

For clean

Open the car, cigarette lighter plug into the car's cigarette lighter socket, switch on, with a quill nozzle, easy to suck dirt in crevice and angle. Super suction, the car can quickly clean dust and other small dirt, its will be your nice choice.

1 machine can only be used for 12V cigarette lighter power input,
2 when used, should start the car engine;
3 If the air pressure increased rapidly within a short time ( seconds to rise to 689KPa), said that the air pressure is blocked, the air does not enter the tire off the power immediately, go under the gas nozzle, re- operation;
4 Inflatable every 15 minutes, be better to have a break
5 The use of the filter must be installed on
6 Do not use in high temperature and pressure
7 Do not wipe the body with gasoline or volatile strong detergents