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Back Pack Vacuums -- I

May 18, 2015

Bortek Industries has a number of industrial vacuum sweepers and commercial carpet cleaning equipment options. Lightweight and powerful, our vacuum sweepers offer the performance necessary to achieve a deep clean. Our commercial carpet cleaning equipment includes specialty items such as large-area vacuums, canister vacuums, and knapsack vacuums.

Bortek Industries carries a wide selection of vacuums and sweepers for use in commercial and industrial settings. We offer sweepers and vacuum cleaners manufactured by Viper and Clarke, two of the leading names in the industry. Our Clarke vacuum cleaners include models designed for use on carpeting or hard flooring, as well as ergonomic options and battery-powered sweeper vacuums. Viper products from Bortek Industries are stylish and quiet, manufactured with an emphasis on maneuverability and easy transportation.

Industrial vacuums and sweepers are essential equipment for the cleaning crews of any workplace. The amount of time needed to clean the carpet of a large area such as an office complex is heavily dependent upon the performance of the cleaning equipment and the ease with which the vacuum or sweeper can be used by the operator. Having a diverse selection of vacuums and vacuum sweepers gives operators the flexibility needed to clean different surfaces in various settings.