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Back Pack Vacuums – II

May 18, 2015

Lightweight models like the Viper Reliavac are excellent for vacuuming in tight spaces and confined areas, while more powerful cleaners like the Clarke Carpet Master are ideal for cleaning large, open carpeted areas in a short amount of time. Portable vacuums, such as the Clarke Comfort Pak and the HIPVAC by Viper, can clean tough spots that upright vacuums may not be able to reach.


Vacuum sweepers are the preferred equipment for the cleaning of large-scale industrial floors and surfaces. The Clarke BSW28 sweeper vacuum sweeps a 28 inch-wide path, collecting debris and dust into a large hopper that can be easily removed and emptied. This battery-powered sweeper vacuum is self-propelled and operates at very low noise levels.

Bortek Industries offers free on-site demos for every vacuum and vacuum sweeper in our inventory. Using a simple online form, interested customers can request an on-site demonstration, as well as a free quote on any of our cleaning equipment, a brochure for a specific product, or more information about equipment. Also, our toll-free number is available for requests over the phone.

Bortek Industries vacuums by Clarke, Nilfisk, Advance and Viper comprise a comprehensive suite of carpet cleaning equipment for use in any industrial and commercial facility.