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Analysis: After Using, The Suction Of Vacuum Cleaner Decrease

After using the cleaner for some times, often have low suction, can not cleaning the dust and other phenomena. For this problem you should find out the reasons and maintenance. The vacuum cleaner result to small suction may have the following points:

1. The nozzle or pipe of the vacuum cleaner had been blocked.

2. Within the dust bin have too much dust or the wet dust bag filter make the air to circulate.

3. Air dust leak. Mainly reason is the nozzle installation loose or bag filter holder is not installed rubber sleeve, the outside air through the gap into the motor so that reduce the air pressure.

4. Inner motor short circuit and causing the reduce of the motor RPM.

5. Commutator surface due to long-term operation often accumulate a lot of dirt, affect power supply result to reduce the RPM.

6. Brush the spring force is insufficient, the contact resistance between the carbon brush and commutator is increased, decreased traction.

Home maintenance should carefully check the nozzles, pipes, dust bin, and cleaning the blockage between the nozzle to the motor vent.

Sometimes absorb the huge dustbin also will cause suction decreases, should be promptly cleaning; for the filter should be cleaned regularly and kept in the shade to dry before use.