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After the fire of industrial vacuum cleaner dust choice

Aug 27, 2014

    Recently, most of the area of land to usher in hot weather, hot weather so many areas of frequent fires, endangering not only the fire hazard of fire occurred, dust hazards to humans after the fire is also very large. When the dust to clean up after the fire if you use conventional cleaning methods likely to cause a lot of dust, causing secondary pollution, industrial vacuum cleaners to clean up after the fire at the site is a good helper. 

How to select industrial vacuum cleaners 

    Since the dust after the fire is very fine ash, so the choice of industrial vacuum cleaner when we must choose to filter high-precision industrial vacuum cleaner filtration accuracy is best in more than 0.3um, vacuum cleaner when you want to add paper dust bags, so that avoids the dumping would cause secondary dust when they can add a layer of filter effectively protect the motor, due to dust larger than recommended to choose a relatively large capacity industrial vacuum cleaner. Industry personnel wear a mask when cleaning up goggles to avoid stirring up dust when the wind blows, when the job according to the order of the industrial vacuum cleaner dust sucked clean. 

These are clean equipment after a fire in January to introduce industrial vacuum cleaner selection and its clean-up methods.