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About The Hoover Company

Mar 26, 2015

As the U.S. leader in floor care, The Hoover Company constantly strives to make more efficient products for healthier homes. Hoover has been a household commodity since 1908, when W.H. "Boss" Hoover bought the patent for a vacuum suction cleaning machine that was created with the intention of preventing allergic reactions to dust while sweeping. Invented by Murray Spangler, who would later become Hoover’s business partner, the "suction sweeper" comprised of a pillow case, a box fan, a broom and a tin can.

Hoover saw immediate selling potential for the time-saving device, and offered a 10-day free trial to anyone, assured that they would be so satisfied with the "suction sweeper" that they would purchase the item. The "suction sweeper" was a success from the start, and the company expanded first regionally then nationally. The company approves stores to sell Hoover vacuum cleaners and Hoover vacuum cleaner parts, ensuring that consumers get the right machine for the right job. In 1926, the Hoover invention of the beater bar changed vacuuming history. The beater bar, a mechanism that literally beats the dirt out of the carpet, was a monumental innovation that made the Hoover vacuum the nations must-have cleaning machine.

As competition arose in the vacuum cleaning industry, the Hoover Company improved its products to better suit household needs. In the 1930s, Hoovercreated disposable cleaner bags, a navigation light, and a housing unit for vacuum tools (extension units, scrubbers, etc.); these inventions are still used today. These inventions, along with a solid backbone in the efficiency, led Hoover to the top of the vacuum industry. With the 1997 invention of a newvacuum head that more efficiently picked up dirt, and the 1998 self-propelling models of Hoover Upright vacuums, the company’s strength matured.

By following its early mission of saving consumers time and energy, Hoover has maintained its stance as the #1 floor care company in the States by providing products that make both household cleaning easier and healthier homes.