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About car air cleaner will supply more clean environment to you

Air Cleaner Solar Air Cleaner Home Air Cleaner solar air purifier, Smart technology, change your life.

Negative ion purification system: Produce negative oxygen ions, effectively clear the cation smoke, carbon monoxide and other harmful gases in the air, Keep the air fresh, promote the body's metabolism.
Cellular activity of nano bamboo charcoal + photocatalysts activity: They Interact can powerfully adsorb the formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, TVOC and other harmful gases and smoke. Atural plant aromatherapy: Relieve fatigue, fresh air, bring you the nature air.
Ultraviolet: Effectively prevent the growth of bacteria.
Solar panels: Convert sunlight into electricity to provide power supply for the product.
Polymer Lithium Battery: High capacity polymer lithium battery, ensure the work hoursof the products.
Intelligent sensor chips: Frequency technology, energy and environmental protection.

1, press the bottom of the switch, the machine began to work automatically with frequency mode, stopping every few seconds to work after a few seconds, this is controlled by internal smart chip to save energy.

2, when the light dimmed, ultraviolet light will automatically turn on, clearing built-in bacterial of activated carbon.

3, when the weather is bad, it is recommended to power off the machine in the evening.

* Keep the solar panels clean.

* Placed in the well-lit area of the car, outlet should facing inside compartments, to enhance the cleaning effect. Please turn off the power when not in use.

* the purifier only left a little power used for test before ship out from the factory, if you find the indicators does not light, the power must be exhausted. Please power off the machine and placed directly in sunlight to charge the battery.

* Purifier with pure natural plant incense function, efficacy will be maintained for more than 2 years. By using, the smell will gradually fade, but will not affect the purge function.
* usually after one month 's work, it shall be charged in the sun for more than two hours, then the cleaning effect will be enhanced.