Battery carpet vacuum portable dust collection

Battery carpet vacuum portable dust collection
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Spotless Technology (Shenzhen) Co.,Ltd is a famous China  CV-LDA102R battery carpet vacuum cars spare parts manufacturer and industrial vacuum cleaner supplier, welcome to buy discount and wholesale cheap  CV-LDA102R battery carpet vacuum auto car care products from our factory.

Cordless Vacuum Cleaner CV-LDA102R

Model No. : CV-LDA102R      Rated: 12v      Power: 75w      Vacuum power: 3.2kpa

Noise: ≤75dB     Charging Time: 4Hours   Working Time: >20min

Input: 100-240v 50-60Hz   Output: 13.8v 1A


This Cordless Vacuum Cleaner also called rechargeable vacuum cleaner, for it is powered by battery, no need cord. No trouble from cord length.

This kind of cordless rechargeable vacuum cleaner now are really popular, for it is cordless, so it can be used anywhere. Now we call it vacuum cleaner for home and car, its tiny size and lightweight, it is portable for anybody does cleaning.

According to "deep cleaning" idea, give full consideration to the users which have different clean requirements in the house and car, the use of different clean environment demand, suck dust ,also small liquid. So this is also a wet and dry cordless vacuum cleaner.

This cordless rechargeable vacuum cleaner choose environmental lithium battery supply power, also named battery power vacuum cleaner, lithium battery supply power stably, persistent strong suction; Efficiently clean dust in every corner of house and car, cyclone dust collector, leave you clean good life!

The cordless vacuum cleaner choose exclusive Nano waterproof HEPA filter, the exclusive Nano waterproof high precision HEPA filter technology, after sucking dust, the HEPA filter can wash in water directly. After cleaning the HEPA filter, no need to dry up, directly dump water with the hand, which can be put back and use again, suction keep strong. In Addition Nano waterproof technology has such advantages: waterproof, oil-repellent, sterilization and so on.