CV-LDA102 wet dry home vacuum cleaner dry cleaning machines cars spare parts

CV-LDA102 wet dry home vacuum cleaner dry cleaning machines cars spare parts
Product Details

Spotless Technology (Shenzhen) Co.,Ltd is a famous China cv-lda102 carpet washing machine manufacturer and supplier, wholesale electric car cleaner products, welcome to buy discount and wholesale cheap cv-lda102 cyclone dust collector products from our factory.

Handheld Car Vacuum Cleaner  CV-LDA102

Rated  DC12v

Power  75w

Vacuum Power  ≥3200pa

Noise         ≤75db

Power cord     4m

Capacity        500ml

This model CV-LDA102 is a car/vehicle/auto/automotive vacuum cleaner, originally designed by Spotless Tech, now loved by more and more car users. This DC car vacuum cleaner directly powered by 12v DC car power, which is specially designed vacuum cleaner for car use. it is also a portable vacuum cleaner with 4m power cord, allow to reach every corner of the car. This vehicle vacuum cleaner is really a useful tool, clean the car mats, car seats, window corners and so on, remove small dirt, hair and food debris, liquid fell down, just keep it in the car, available anytime for cleaning the car.

This is also wet and dry car vacuum cleaner, allow clean thoroughly, assembly medical degree HEPA filter. HEPA filter is the most popular material for vacuum cleaner, High precision HEPA filter, Avoid to produce secondary pollution, This car vacuum cleaner assembly high precision medical HEPA filter, precision up to 0.3um,Quickly isolate tiny bacteria, dust, mites etc., avoid secondary pollution.

This powerful auto vacuum cleaner assembly the 3rd generation high speed motor, ensures persistent strong suction, easily solve the trouble of trash inside the car, leave you car clean and tidy.