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Shenzhen Spotless technology Co., Ltd. Register brand "LORD", which means leading technology, enjoying life.Now,LORD is the name of High-end vacuum cleaner in China.As our company name SPOTLESS, we are experienced manufacturer of a useful appliance--vacuum cleaner, integrating R&D, production, sales and service as one set.

Our product including Car vacuum cleaner, rechargeable vacuum cleaner,stick vacuum cleaner,UV vacuum cleaner,Canister vacuum cleaner and Robot vacuum cleaner.

Vacuum cleaner now becomes a necessary tool in our daily life,to meets clean requirements in different environment,we subdivide the vacuum cleaner.

Car vacuum cleaner powered by 12v car power,with strong suction and low noise,suitable for all car users.Lord car vacuum cleaner already be the name of high quality.

Rechargeable vacuum cleaner powered by rechargeable lithium battery,suitable for using in anywhere.Lord rechargeable vacuum cleaner is the first one that use Lithium battery,need shorter charging time,but allow to use longer.

Stick vacuum cleaner is popular for home use,especially 2in1 models.Cordless stick 2in1 vacuum cleaner is a Classic work
Lord vacuum cleaner,in order to make clean far more easily.

UV vacuum cleaner is a updated model of Lord rechargeable vacuum cleaner,with UV lamb to kill mite and bacterial when cleaning.

Canister vacuum cleaner is old but classic model,Lord Canister vacuum cleaner improve the out design to ensure more comfortable use.

Robot vacuum cleaner gets more and more popular in our life, it is really useful in cleaning floor.

Lord vacuum cleaner including all kinds of vacuum cleaner,there is always one for you.